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Hey, everyone. I am /u/Brownspectacledbear, the co-commissioner of a subreddit by the name of /r/fakebaseball. We’re a tight-knit community of baseball lovers who have come together to make a little game, fittingly known as fake baseball. It’s been successful, enough so to generate approximately 1000 players over the course of 3 seasons and over a year and a half. We just began our fourth season, and we've recently added six new teams to make a complete thirty team MLB (plus the Expos, sans Nationals), so the league is full of chances to live out your dreams!

Ever dreamt of rehabbing the Orioles? Seeing another White Sox World Series? Or helping us to incorporate some of the other teams that are missing right now? Then please come help us make our dreams… memes.

So what is fake baseball?

Fake baseball is a numbers game, described often as "baseball meets DND." You make your player, give him or her custom attributes, and take the field. The pitcher and batter play a guessing game, with the pitcher "throwing" a number and the batter guessing it. The closer the guess, the better the result. Surrounding it is a bunch of easy-to-learn advanced rules and tactics, as well as a diehard community.

This community is responsible for external works such as podcasts, articles, in real life meetups, fun quirks; you name it, we’ve done it. This league means the world to us. We do whatever we can to improve it, to expand it creatively to the best of our abilities.

Click the subreddit at the top of this post and the Discord if you want to meet all of us. It would mean the world if you would give us a shot. It’s been a long and rewarding season and we would like to forge the next one with plenty of new faces!